Direct Sales

Direct Sales in the US topped over $80 Billion in 2015.

This number comes from just the top 100 Direct Selling companies on the Direct Selling News website that was published last month. With an average payout over the years of about 38% to distributors and consultants, that equates to over $30 Billion dollars put back into the pockets of fellow Direct Sales marketers. Let me ask you, did you have an opportunity at your JOB in 2015 to have a share of anything like this?

I wanted to take a look at how other industries did last year. Jumping onto the web it is easy to find data, using the DSN and Statista sites for my findings. With the exception of Oil and Transportation, that just blew every other industries revenues away by 10-20 fold, I confirmed that the Direct Sales industry definitely leads the way. If we block the Music, Video and Movie Industry together for their 2015 sales only equal about half of our industry. The NFL last year barely equaled about 20% of our industries sales.

Direct Sales in 2015

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