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Sylvania ZEVO LED – Review

Review of Sylvania ZEVO LED Bulb

Product Details

This review is driven from an issue I experienced during the replacement of the license plate light bulbs on our 2011 Kia Sorento. In getting ready for the inspection of the Kia, it was noticed that one of the license plate lights were out. We had already replaced the internal dome lights with LEDs and figured this would be the best time to upgrade these lights as well. After doing some searches and reading reviews I chose the Sylvania Zevo Led replacement bulb. Like other LED replacement costs, they are almost 3 times the amount of standard bulbs.

Well, we ordered them and received them last week. I waited till the weekend to install. It was easy on the KIA to replace the bulb. I drove around and showed a few of our friends how clear and white the light was. Then this morning, while dropping off my daughter at the bus stop, one of my friends approached me to poke fun as one of the bulbs were out. A bit annoyed, I returned home, in the rain steaming over this new bulb blowing and our inspection scheduled for this Friday. As soon as my laptop booted up, I emailed Sylvania. Before lunch I received a reply. They were very supportive of my issue and directed me to check out if the bulb was blown or just unseated. The rain ended, I went out to check it before lunch. It winds up that the bulb was blown. I then replied to their email to let them know my finding of the blown bulb. Within an hour I received an email back with tracking information for a replacement bulb. It is currently on the way and should be received on Thursday.

I have to tell you. I was not expecting the level of customer service I received. I am very happy with how Sylvania is coming through for me in this situation.

In closing, if you are ever in the market for LED replacement bulbs, check out Sylvania Zevo bulbs. Click on the picture above and you will be sent to my affiliate link to review.

Have a Great Day,

Paul Truman

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