Family & Friends, Why oh Why?

Just some food for thought:
Kylie Jenner releases a lip kit 💋👍
Jordan puts out a new shoe 👟👍
Dre has new headphones 🎧👍
Diddy has a new brand of Vodka 🍸👍
A friend or a family member starts a business 🙅👎✊❌
Why are we so quick to support someone we don’t know, who already have plenty of money 💸 ???
But have a million reasons not to support someone we know living a regular lifestyle just trying to make their dreams come true? 🌟
When you support direct sales/network marketing and a small local business you are helping someone provide for their families 👪 someone pay for their son to go football training  or their daughter to go ballet 🎀 someone get back on their feet 👣 and someone you know 👭


Yet so many people would rather contribute to a celebrity’s new vacation  home 🏡 or expensive sports car collection 🚘
We are just trying to build a future for our family… 
Did you know that you don’t even have to PURCHASE from us to help? 👉even LIKING our posts or commenting helps us more than you know! 😚
For those who support us and help, thank you from the bottom of our heart!

#DirectSales #SmallBusiness #SupportSomeOneYouKnow

About the Author

Maria & I are independent Ambit Energy Consultants. We specialize in teaching fellow entrepreneurs how to save money on their energy bills and earn a nice residual income in the process. Our goal is to earn our financial freedom number and help as many others do the same. Keep up to date with our progress at
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