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Top 5 AboutUs Tips

Top 5 AboutUs Page Tips

What is on your AboutUs Page? Did you know this is page is one of the most visited page of blogs and websites? A clear and interesting AboutUs page will influence your browsers into becoming a subscriber. With our Top 5 AboutUs Page Tips, we hope to lend you the proper direction in building you a super silent sales person.

We have researched the web for the best tips to building a silent salesperson to sell you to your new viewers. Now, so you do not feel overwhelmed we narrowed our list down to the top 5 AboutUs page tips. We found make these make the biggest difference in converting a browser into a follower.

AboutUs Page Tips #1 – The Ta-Dah Factor – Be Snappy, Be Catchy and Show Yourself!

I have seen from multiple mentors and websites shows how much a browser trusts an expert is being able to see the expert is real. Share a nice picture of yourself. We have seen many different styles for pictures. We have seen professional head-shots to pictures showing the expert having “Fun” and every where in between. We will stay with the two most common we will refer to as Head-Shots and Fun Photos. I personally like the Head-Shot as it displays a professional manner of yourself. However, as viewing many of my mentors about pages, many are choosing a Fun Photo. It really depends on the type of business you are conducting. I am thinking of using a Fun Photo in my next AboutUs page revision. Let me tell you why. In today’s social media generation we are noticing a turn from the old business model to a newer social business model. Browsers want to connect to people they can relate to. A Fun Picture will show a more personable side to yourself and a browser may relate to you better.

AboutUs Page Tips #2 – Social Proof

Take a moment and think. Have you ever been recommended to go to a specific mechanic, flower shop or even diner? While you are writing your page it is a great idea to mention a mentor or two, even linking to your mentor. As an added value, if you have a mention by your mentor, link to that mention. With WordPress plugins there are many ways to show social proof. We like to use Spider Facebook. With this app you can add a sidebar to show your FaceBook Fan Page. It also lets your browser see how many followers you have on FaceBook. All of this is to show your browser your social proof.

AboutUs Page Tips #3 – Be Real, Not a Super Hero

As you are writing your page you want to keep your experiences simple. What I mean is do not make it look like only you can succeed in your experiences. If your goal is to help them succeed with a similar process and you sell yourself like a super hero, the browser may not feel they will be able to have the same experience. In addition, open your own failures to your browser. This will help the browser relate and understand they are not the only ones that experience highs and lows in life.

AboutUs Page Tips #4 – What you can do for “Them”

When a browser is looking over your site and page, they are ultimately looking for what you may be able to offer them. Remember that while you are writing your page. Now do not go into a sales mode. However go into a problem solving mode. Focus on one of your common business hurts and express how you have already helped make the hurt go away. It is also a good idea to link to an actual client or partner to help in validation. If you share any of your failures make sure to share how you learned and grew from them. You will be surprised how many of you browsers may have experienced the same, but never overcame them.

AboutUs Page Tips #5 – Call To Action

With this page being a big part of your silent salesperson, are you maximizing your opportunities with a call to action? This is a great time to convert your browser to a subscriber. This is a great place to put your blog subscription form or e-Mail list. Remember the browser is just getting to know you so take action yourself and put together a great first e-Mail. Fear not if you do not have experience in this, I will be reviewing this topic for next week.

Top 5 AboutUs Page Tips

Here is my call to actions for you.

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