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About Us

Maria and I are Network Marketing Professionals. We have built this Direct Sales Mastermind site to help you take control of your financial future in today’s network marketing profession.


Paul Truman Jr. – My professional career started a short three months after graduating Aviation High School with my FAA Airframe and Powerplant Licenses. Not in the aviation field, but in retail.I was one of the youngest store managers at Radio Shack. Two years later I understood that I was only making the company richer. I was able to take the store I was managing from losing profit to a positive profit in nine months. I was passed over for two promotions so I decided to start up Sirius Computer & Communications Services, Inc.

We competed with the giants of Circuit City, Best Buy and my old company Radio Shack. We were a casualty of the small business squashing. Unable to compete with the costs of the big boxes we closed our brick and mortar store and opened SiriusStar.COM.

This is where we got into online marketing. We began to make the mistakes of jumping on board “The Next Big Thing”. We finally had to get real jobs. I went to Home Depot and now am a Field IT Engineer for them. All the time I never lost the desire to own and operate my own “Profitable” business. I maintained our SiriusStar.COM as a search engine and broadened my online marketing skills.

We have been a part of a very successful Direct Sales Business called Ambit Energy. Our team is small but effective in providing additional incomes for all of our team. If you would like to learn more check out our Ambit Energy Blog.

Today, We have started up our SiriusStar Direct Sales Mastermind to let others share and teach others so they can learn from all of our failures and successes.

Feel free to reach out to me by email: our friend me on FaceBook at

Maria Truman – I once worked in the importing and exporting business at JFK Airport till we had our second child. After that we found it almost impossible for me to work and put both of our girls in daycare. So, we tightened our belts and lived off one salary and relocated from NYC to the Pocono Mountains of PA. From then on my role has changed to a Domestic Engineer. While I am not experienced by trade or school, I jumped with Paul from each “Next Big Thing” to the other. I was not the outgoing person needed to be successful in a network marketing career. However, in time and becoming involved with a product and system I believe in, I am able to talk about this awesome business. I am still the quiet one and Paul does most of the speaking. I am grateful for finding this business as it has relieved some of the pressure of needing additional income from the loss of mine. They say a penny saved is a penny earned and since the start of our business all we could honestly say is that we are saving on our PP&L electricity bill. Today, I can say we are earning energy credits on our PP&L bill and seeing some residual checks.

Feel free to reach out to me by email: or friend me on FaceBook at

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