The SiriusStar Direct Sales Mastermind

Join us in sharing tips and tricks in our Direct Sales Community.

Mastermind Participation

Welcome to the SiriusStar Mastermind.

Maria and I are building this site to help our fellow Direct Sales Professionals. We have spent many years in many different Direct Sales programs. Over this time we have amassed a great amount of tips, tricks and practices that we would like to share with you. We have been a part of a few Masterminds and have learned from our mentors many “Golden Nuggets”. We have taken the best of those Mastermind Golden Nuggets to build our very own.

Right now we have chosen to open enrollment into our Mastermind to one partner from any Direct Sales business. This decision was the hardest to make. In discussions with our mentors, this decision was reached to keep competition within our Mastermind out of the equation.

We do not want to add any unnecessary costs to your business, so we have kept the guidelines for our Mastermind as simple as possible:

Each partner will submit a Bio of themselves and Direct Sales business. Your Bio should consist of a picture of yourself and not a business logo. We want to build a relationship with a person, not just the brand. Your Bio should be about 300-500 words giving us a hint on the who you are and the why you are in business.

Each partner will submit a product/service review of another partner. You can work with the partner you are reviewing to provide the most accurate information. The review will need to be about 300-500 words long. Your review should have a link to the product or service you are reviewing. We highly recommend to link back to your Bio on this site in the review. After the review is published, you will then be able to submit an article to promote their own product or service.

Its time to MastermindMaria and I are looking forward to working with you and sharing in your success stories. Now, Send us an email with your Bio and Picture to join us on the awesome journey.

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