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Last Call for our #PourItForward Event!

Last Call to help us #PourItForward to The Pocono Mountain West Varsity Cheer Team.

We only have till this evening to order, reorder or sign up as aSoupOfTheDay-Wine


Sip. Give. Get perks.

Get your first year on us when you sign up this month!

Become a Preferred Customer and this month you’ll not only SAVE UP TO 30% but also give back a bonus 10%, and enjoy members-only offers all year round.

$19.99 Annual Fee FREE this month only!

Please note after your first year, a $19.99/yr membership fee will be automatically charged to your account. You may opt-out at any time.



#PourItForward Virtual Wine Tasting – How we did it.

As you all know during this pandemic meeting with family and friends is restricted. However, a little creativity and video conferencing we were able to hold a fun Virtual Wine Tasting #PourItForward event.

We had an awesome ONEHOPE Cause Entrepreneur, Stephanie Simoes. She helped us set up our FaceBook Group to get the word out about our fundraiser and recommended some wines to share at our event.  Now here was the tricky part. How to share the wine?

Another creative suggestion from Stephanie to the rescue. She suggested to purchase the little cups that restaurants use for dressings. Wow! Would have never thought of that! Check out the link below to the 4oz cups with lids we used.


Now for the set-up. Our youngest daughter, Victoria, helped set up the rolling bar with Pocono Mountain West cheer poms and mega phones. Then did a test run to make sure our ZOOM session would work and welcome our guests to join.


With our Virtual Tasting Event complete, we will have our #PourItForward PMW Cheer Store open till the 14th of June. There is plenty of time to order that first order and be able to replenish before it closes. You can also take part as a ONEHOPE Preferred Customer for free this month. This will give you up to 30% off, reduced shipping costs and the PMW Cheer team will continue to earn from the #PourItForward.

Head over to our #PourItForward PMW Cheer Store now to keep your glasses full.


#PourItForward Thanks

Thanks so much for joining us last night!

Maria and I appreciate everyone taking the time.

If you have any questions, we are happy to help!

🥂Let’s sip & give back to the team!🥂
10% of all Purchases are returned back to the Pocono Mountain West Varsity Cheerleading Squad.



#PourItForward for Pocono Mountain West Varsity Cheerleaders


While you are enjoying the holiday weekend, don’t forget to take advantage of the 30% off sale!

Pocono Mountain West Cheer Fundraiser:




PourItForward Virtual Tasting Event

Happy Birthday to me!

Maria and I are going to be placing our first order to get ready for our #PourItForward Virtual Wine Tasting event on May 28th at 8PM est. We are looking for some suggestions. Click the link to our Virtual Store and let us know your suggestions by email to


Please use the same eMail to RSVP for our Virtual #PourItForward Event.


Getting ready to sip wine and #PourItForward


We’re SO excited for our upcoming ONEHOPE wine tasting with Stephanie Simoes!

In this current time, we are unable to have a physical social pour, so we are going to go virtual.

We have started to build our event list and hope to book our 99 seat virtual room.The date of our virtual party will be on the 28th of May at 8pm est.

Stephanie has opened up our event store for you to look over some of the ONEHOPE award winning wines. And for those that would like to purchase their bottles to open with us on the 28th, go ahead, the more we sell from the store the more our charity will make.

To let us know you are interested in joining us for a fun virtual #PourItForward event, please email us ASAP at

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