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Profile – Elias John Broderick

I am Elias John Broderick and I am an Independent Pampered Chef Consultant based in New York City, but let’s go back to before that.  I started my Career as a Musical Theatre Performer and later got licensed to become a Hairstylist.  My career has taken me around the country and eventually landed me behind the scenes of a Broadway Musical.  I addition to the glitz and glamour of the Great White Way, I have had the great fortune to work on both Film and TV meeting so many of my Theatrical Idols.  I currently continue to work as a Hair and Wig Stylist for Broadway, Film and TV.   With the sometimes uncertainty of the Theatre, Pampered Chef gives me security when I find myself between gigs.

I was brought into the Pampered Chef Company by my Aunt and it has had a significant change on my life.  The company values its consultants, while also providing great quality products and customer service for over 35 years.   Wether you’re a Top Chef or a Kitchen Novice, Pampered Chef has something for everyone.  I have found myself in the kitchen much more since I have become a Consultant and look forward to all the new meals I can create using these products.  If you are interested in Hosting your own Party to earn FREE products or are looking to supplement income for Renovations, Holidays or just to splurge, Pampered Chef could be an option for you. Being my own boss and having the flexibility to make my own schedule, connect with people and earn great rewards are only a few of the perks of being a part of this growing franchise. 

Please feel free to contact me with any questions, consulting opportunities or to Host your own party and start filling up your Kitchen Cabinets.   

Check out all that Pampered Chef has to offer here…Happy Cooking!

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