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Profile – Amanda Salvia

My name is Amanda and I sell Avon.


I’ve been serving and bar tending all my life. Been sparking conversations with strangers since I’m a kid. Always making friends or trying to put a smile on someone’s face. Just in my blood to make someone’s day better.


I’ve been out of work since March 15th. And man.. do I miss talking to people. I miss not being socially distant and I miss having conversations with people. All of my regulars and all of their stories.
I am sending positivity and love to the essential workers and also to the people who’s lives have been completely changed. I hope we can all be our normal selves again going back to work after what we just went through. I started up Amandavon and really have enjoyed all of your interactions. It’s been a long time 💙 I really appreciate all of your love and support.


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