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Hey, Have you heard of Robinhood?

Neither did we. Till one of our good friends recommended us to it. Robinhood is an online investment brokerage. What is pretty cool is their current referral program. When you use our link, sign up and link your bank account to fund, both of us will have a random stock added to each of our accounts. We can keep on referring others all year long till we reach $500 in stock deposits.

In addition to this awesome referral program, their trading platform is mostly free. You can trade as much or little as you want. We are also currently on a wait list to purchase equities at a dollar amount rather than whole stocks. This will help us gain ownership in the big boys like Amazon.

With our major accounts managed buy an investment program, we plan to use a similar trading strategy- Dividend Growth for our Robinhood investing account. We plan to slowly add transports like American Airlines, Southwest. Communications like AT&T and Verizon. Retail like Home Depot, Kohls, Walmart & Amazon. Technology like Microsoft and Tesla.

What stocks that we are investing with may not match your plans, experience or financial plans, so please invest within your means.

You and I have a 1 in 60 chance of getting stock in one of these companies each time a friend signs up and links their bank account.

You and I have a 1 in 100 chance of getting stock in one of these companies each time a friend signs up and links their bank account.

Leave replies to let us know you have taken part of this awesome opportunity and what stocks you are investing with.

Have a Wonderful Time 🙂


Book Review – Ice Breakers! How To Get Any Prospect To Beg You For A Presentation

Ice Breakers! How To Get Any Prospect To Beg You For A PresentationIce Breakers! How To Get Any Prospect To Beg You For A Presentation

by Tom “Big Al” Schreiter

If you are like we were at the start of our business building, you probably have no true idea on how to start a conversation. I wish I had this book years ago. Tom Schreiter kept his writing directly to the point. Tom gives many examples on how to “Break the Ice” for any business.

Without giving away many of his tricks, I would like to share one of my favorites from his book. I found a great way to break the ice with the hotel clerk during my travels for my day job. I can’t wait to try it out. The wording states that I just found out how to reverse a negative instance of their current job, like working overnights. Then let them know I am here to help, then immediately ask them to do something related to my stay. Tom explains how the “I just found out” statement triggers curiosity in the person. And the last part of the statement give the person the opportunity to gracefully move on without any pressure.

Tom goes into other scripts that will work in any business from Diet to Financial.  Click the link below to purchase from our Amazon link. Tom’s book “Ice Breakers! How To Get Any Prospect To Beg You For A Presentation will make a great addition to any Network Marketing Professionals library.



Sylvania ZEVO LED – Review

Review of Sylvania ZEVO LED Bulb

Product Details

This review is driven from an issue I experienced during the replacement of the license plate light bulbs on our 2011 Kia Sorento. In getting ready for the inspection of the Kia, it was noticed that one of the license plate lights were out. We had already replaced the internal dome lights with LEDs and figured this would be the best time to upgrade these lights as well. After doing some searches and reading reviews I chose the Sylvania Zevo Led replacement bulb. Like other LED replacement costs, they are almost 3 times the amount of standard bulbs.

Well, we ordered them and received them last week. I waited till the weekend to install. It was easy on the KIA to replace the bulb. I drove around and showed a few of our friends how clear and white the light was. Then this morning, while dropping off my daughter at the bus stop, one of my friends approached me to poke fun as one of the bulbs were out. A bit annoyed, I returned home, in the rain steaming over this new bulb blowing and our inspection scheduled for this Friday. As soon as my laptop booted up, I emailed Sylvania. Before lunch I received a reply. They were very supportive of my issue and directed me to check out if the bulb was blown or just unseated. The rain ended, I went out to check it before lunch. It winds up that the bulb was blown. I then replied to their email to let them know my finding of the blown bulb. Within an hour I received an email back with tracking information for a replacement bulb. It is currently on the way and should be received on Thursday.

I have to tell you. I was not expecting the level of customer service I received. I am very happy with how Sylvania is coming through for me in this situation.

In closing, if you are ever in the market for LED replacement bulbs, check out Sylvania Zevo bulbs. Click on the picture above and you will be sent to my affiliate link to review.

Have a Great Day,

Paul Truman

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