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Your First Autoresponder Message

SO, you are setting up for your first date, sorry, I mean your first autoresponder message.

Well, think of it as your first date with your browser. This is your next opportunity to convert your browser into a real follower. At this point your browser has most likely read your AboutUs or BIO page and thinks it would be in their best interest to follow you. How do we convert a browser into a follower with your first autoresponder? Let us share what we have found to work and some additional ideas we found in researching the web on this.

Select your Autoresponder Engine:

  • Your first autoresponder message will need to be set up with either an app on your website or a third party vendor. While setting up your own Autoresponder may be an option, we do not suggest this. Our main reason is, as your list grows so will the volume of emails being sent from your Autoresponder. Many of the vendors out there spend big money developing their mail delivery systems. We have two suggestions GetResponses or MailChimp. Both have awesome interfaces and metrics to manage your messages. We have utilized GetResponses for our Ambit Energy business and find their product very rich. For this site we are building our autoresponder with MailChimp as it is easier to integrate into our WordPress structure. MailChimp is also great for starting up with little working capital. You can manage an account there of 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails a month for FREE. With either of these vendors you know your first autoresponder message will be delivered to your browser.

Overcome First Date Jitters 🙂

  • Now that you have your Autoresponder set up. The next part is designing your first autoresponder email. Just like a first date, your browser may be nervous and unsure if the relationship will work out. How do we take the edge off for your browser. Send them a bottle of wine 🙂 . Well, figuratively anyway. Your bottle of wine may be a free eBook you created to help with a pain in your particular industry. Along with this add a personal story to the email body that compliments your wine.

Share a Success Story:

  • When we browse websites of others we look for parallels of success. We make a decision to continue to follow a persons emails and posts when we can relate to them. By having a success story in their first email lets us connect right away. We even take huge stock when a partner’s success is shared. The key here is that we see the persons ability to share success with others and hopefully, us too.

Cure an Immediate Pain:

  • This may have been covered in your “Wine”, but it helps to state your cure again. Now some cures are long term and others are immediate. In today’s world where everyone looks for instant gratification a quick cure is huge. Now a way to look at this in long term models would be to look at an accomplishment that can be achieved early and also be a step towards curing a bigger pain.

Leave Bread Crumbs for next e-Mail:

  • In closing of your first autoresponder message, make sure to leave some breadcrumbs. These breadcrumbs will help your browser, now hopefully a follower, be waiting for the next email from you. Now, what breadcrumbs can we close with? We can use a peak into an upcoming conference, talk about an interview of a mentor, or simply give a schedule of discussion points.

Establishing Your First Autoresponder


Here are a few bread crumbs for you, in hope that you remain a follower of ours.

Have you set up an AutoResponder? Is it set up with your blog and social media accounts? In the Social Comments below, let us know if you have an AutoResponder setup and ready to capture browsers and convert into followers. In our next post we will review how we are setting up MailChimp with this site.

If you have found value in Establishing Your First Autoresponder, please use the share button to share it with your friends.

Now, Send us an email with your Bio and Picture to join us on the awesome journey we have started with The SiriusStar Direct Sales Mastermind.

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