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Increase Your FaceBook FanPage Popularity 

 Hosting FaceBook FanPage Events

It has been almost a year now that we have been hosting FaceBook FanPage event on our FaceBook Page The Great Big Book of Everything – Paul Truman Jr. We run a #FanPageFriday event every Friday and #FanOfTheWeek event every Saturday. Between these two events we have built a solid following.

#FanPageFriday – How we run the event.

1 – Picture – Because our core business is energy, we picked a simple light bulb graphic that has become our FanPage Icon. We tried to keep the amount of colors in the icon to a few core colors. This lets us change up the look simply by doing a color swap in PSP. We tried different type fonts and sizes and found our current icon meets FaceBook AD specifications with the correct percentage of verbage.

FaceBook FanPage Events #FanPageFriday

2- Time of Post – We found that a post as close to midnight on Friday morning have the best responses. Now, I need my beauty sleep, so midnight normally never sees me. Thankfully, there is a way to schedule posts on FaceBook. I am all about automation, so I normally have an entire month of FanPageFriday events scheduled at the start of the month.

3- Event Copy –  Well, we have gotten our hands slapped by FaceBook a few times with our #FanPageFriday event wording. With some tweaking below is the copy that we publish with our icon.

Welcome to this week’s #FanPageFriday event at The Great Big Book of Everything – Paul Truman Jr.  Can We Get a “Show Us The Likes”? The rules are simple;

1. “Like” my page and leave us a comment so we can return the ‘Like”.
2. Share your #FaceBookFanPage url/link in the comments below the picture.
3. Like the pages of other #FacebookFanPage of the ones you like. (You don’t have to like them all.)

Don’t Forget to share this post on your page and invite others to the party! When we help out we all win!

Remember the more shares and interaction you participate on the page, the better the chance of being selected as the #FanOfTheWeek for a spotlight post.

#fanpagenetworking #socialmedianetworking #getmorefans #networking #ShopSmall #DirectSales

4- Fan Interaction – You may have noticed my use of #HashTags throughout this post. These help the event gain visibility, organically in FaceBook. To help visibility I begin sharing the post. First on my personal page, then in FaceBook groups of like minded fans. Don’t forget to like the post yourself. This will help in adding visibility for this FaceBook FanPage Event. Normally,our event will have multiple interactions before lunch time. This is when I start individual interactions with the participating fans. With a simple Thanks and a like to their post on the event and their page, the relationship begins to build. At this time I would also add a comment to the event post that reminds my fans about the #FanOfTheWeek event that concludes Saturday morning for the week prior.

#FanOfTheWeek – How we run the event.

1 – FanPage Event Application – This FaceBook FanPage event is simple as it is just an application that you would install on your FanPage. You can look at our #FanOfTheWeek Tab to obtain the link to install on your own FaceBook FanPage. The application is free for trial and then monthly subscription. I am just running it in trial mode which selects the fan for us each week and does a little Spotlight Post for the selection.

2 – Interaction – In our FaceBook FanPage Friday event we mention interaction in posts of our page will raise their opportunity to be chosen as the #FanOfTheWeek. Once the APP chooses the Fan, we reach out to them with a TAG on the post to congratulate them on being chosen as #FanOfTheWeek. This helps get the post seen by the friends of the fan. Next we reach out to the Fan to give them an opportunity to send us a BIO of themselves and any business they may be a part of. We would then write a post on our blog including the BIO they submitted.

Other FaceBook Fan Page event that we have held include #Ladders and #TwitterTuesdays. However, we have not invested as much time on these. We do have plans to build these events into our FaceBook FanPage Weekly Events and will do a future post to share our process.

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